A Rivers of Recovery trip is a community affair. Our donors, organizers, veterans, past participants, and community members come together to make it happen.

That’s particularly true in these COVID-19 times, with our usual fundraisers canceled or postponed. But that didn’t stop Brenda Falk (retired, U.S. Army) from making our Wisconsin Women Veterans trip happen, in spite of a global pandemic.

An Underserved Population

Our success is always due to our RoR participants, who spread the word about our programs to other vets.

Brenda joined our first Wisconsin Women Veterans trip in 2016, and she’s come back every year to help share the experience with other female veterans. Women vets are an underserved population, as are veterans from rural communities.

That’s why the Wisconsin Women Veterans trip is so important to us, and to Brenda.

“Women are often overlooked as veterans and rarely get the time to come and relax doing outdoor events, as most are parents or caretakers of others,” Brenda said. “Having the chance to help facilitate an event like this and bring the best out of each woman was an amazing opportunity.”

This year’s trip happened because of the fundraising efforts of Brenda and other former RoR participants. They worked hard to raise the money in time for the August trip. Their hard work paid off, and another group of female veterans got to experience the healing power of fly fishing.

Community Support

When you support RoR, you support more than just our veterans. Your impact extends to our participants’ communities, helping them find new ways to serve.

Special thanks to the following donors for their support. You made it happen!

  • VFW Post 1318
  • VFW Post 7591
  • Kerry McAllen ($1,000 donor)
  • Anonymous ($1,000 donor)
  • All the GoFund Me donors
  • Joe Furman (our first donor)
  • Northland College and Alan Brew for the comfortable and beautiful lodging
  • Hayward Flyfishing Co. for their continuous support
  • Jeff Butler for his continuous support